Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yeah, I Have Step Up in My Queue

I know this ain't new, and yes, I have watched it about 7 times, but it still doesn't get old.

Just watch.

I love dance battles.



Since We're Talking Country...

Lord have mercy. Please listen to Ida's version of Dolly's "The Pain of Loving You." When folks get Miss Parton right it just swells my heart with joy.

Shit, I might need to go build a log cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and start playing the banjo or jug...or at least go to Dollywood.

You better recognize.


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A Random Music Kick: Miranda Lambert

Don't ask me why, but I chose today to be the day where I wanted to hear Miranda Lambert's "Gunpower and Lead" on repeat. Seriously, nothing is going on at home. Just had the itch. Anyhoo, if you don't already know, it's a romantic little tale about a young woman getting revenge on her abusive mate, which explain that descriptive title.

So basically, I'm on a tear! I really do love a catchy--and violence laden--country track. I also like any gal that kicks it more Dolly/Loretta than Faith/Shania.

I'm sharing because I feel like everyone needs a glimmer into My Black America.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Really now ScarJo? Sigh...

Yes, there had to be a video for ScarJo's first "single" but did it really have to be all about Titty McGee getting made-up and living that "lonely superstar existence" we ONLY think looks glamorous in US Weekly (fuck it, that shit is better than being lower middle class in America, stop your bitching bout the 'razzi)?!

And is that Salman Rushdie in the video?!

Really now? Really...

Just watch it:

First homegirl snags my fake boyfriend Ryan Reynolds (well played gurl) and now this. Somewhere, somewhere dark and dank, Alanis is writing a sad song and my heart bleeds for her.


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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oops for iTunes, Yay for Me!--The New Death Cab for Cutie

So after seeing Death Cab for Cutie at Coachella this year (yeah, again, I will get to that post) I see why the folks are into em.

See, I was always like, ehh, okay, cool, sure. Just cuz.

Well after sitting down on the grassy knoll (not really, I just like saying knoll) and listening to them play songs from the upcoming album I was like, "Oh shit, these dudes really write some well crafted songs. And wait, I like that song...and that one...oh and that jam from a few years ago. It IS good!" Sometimes I'll have the realization that it's time to jump on a legitimate bandwagon. Also, I think Chris Walla is kinda cute in that man-boy/manorexic way.

On top of that about a month ago Tate Dogg and I were sitting in a bakery waiting for our brunch table down the street (if I throw in it was in Park Slope it will be too much of a cliche so let's skip it) and "I Will Possess Your Heart" came on, the first single of their new album, Narrow Stairs. Okay, that was a long sentence. Anyways, it came on and we both stopped talking and were like, that bass line is not messing around. He was like I bet this is Death Cab for Cutie and I was like, ah shit, am I going to have to like them now?

The answer is yes.

Fast forward to tonight.

I was on iTunes and I noticed you could pre-order their new album, which comes out next Tuesday. Well, instead of clicking on that I clicked on "See All Albums"--or whatever it says--and I notice that the in addition to getting the pre-order you could purchase the album NOW. I notice 5 other folks left comments all saying pretty much the same thing, "Um, I think this is a mistake, but thanks iTunes!"

Well, I clicked on purchase. It hiccuped a bit then it started downloading. I'm still pretty sure it's not to be released till next week but I'm not mad at that. Atlantic Records and Death Cab might be but I'm not. And for real, I'm the consumer and it is I who should be left happy, right?

Favorite tracks as of now:
Bixby Canyon Bridge
I Will Possess Your Heart
You Can Do Better Than Me
Grapevine Fires
The Ice is Getting Thinner (This ish right here will have you get emotional and whatnot. It's on some "Damn, love can really fuck you up" stuff.)

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I Drove!

As I might have mentioned before I'm a 32 year old lady with both legs, not blind, and I don't have hooks for hands. Having all that info you would have thought I would have gotten my license when I was 16. You would have lost a bet son.

Long story short I FINALLY got my license this past November and by the way I acted you would have thought I had been short listed for a Nobel prize or a Kids Choice Award. With all that excitement you also would have thought I might have been driving up a storm. Again, would have lost another bet.

Well, last week the mister and I got back from a road trip out west (Nevada, Arizona, Utah...ended at Coachella, that's another story...I swear I'm the same age and they keep getting younger) and I DROVE!

For real, I was trippin'. See I have fear at this age and my fear makes me think I'm going to kill a ton of people on the road and that is not a very warm and fuzzy feeling.

Anyhoo, I didn't take out a family of refugees or sideswipe a mini-cooper. I actually kept it together. Okay, I was kinda tense and the mister had to tell me I was veering into the shoulder a few times but after my first half hour behind the wheel I was rollin'. Alright, I had to tell him to not talk to me a couple times cause I can't guide a death trap and have a convo at the same time. I think I need to take some classes in that.

Besides that it was awesome (as the kids say) and I REALLY want to go on another road trip. Like let the wind blow through the make believe weave I'm picturing attached to my scalp right now kinda road trip.

Seriously, if you know me and my "hairdo" that is shoot Tab through the nose funny.



Frank Black to Open for Stone Temple Pilots

Uh that's...interesting?


I want to be all elitist and shit but let me not trip. I'm not mad at Stone Temple Pilots, even though I tried to be back in the day.

Resistance is futile. "Interstate Love Song" and "Sex Type Thing" are catchy as hell. And my jams.

July 4th they are playing Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My dude is from there. If by any chance we are visiting his pops we'd probably go.

Don't hate.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Reason #76 For Why I Love Maynard of Tool

Open the link and scroll down to April 9th.


If any other musician pulled this I would probably roll my eyes and laugh but Maynard James Keenan rulz. And anyone that sings about "blood, shit and cum" in a song I ain't trying to fuck with.



Friday, March 28, 2008

My Head Hurts

Right now I'm in an edit working on a pilot and finishing up my third box of Girl Scout coookies. Don't trip, I didn't eat them in one day...but I could have.

I would be doing cartwheels about the weekend starting up but I can't cause my blick ass will be working the entire time.

Yeah, I'm wining but that is what I do when my head hurts and I have no more Thin Mints.

Seriously, I feel so cold and alone.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Well Since I'm Talking About Miss Patti...

There are two famous folk that if I met I would ask for a hug and because of that immediate contact I would start to weep to the point of seizure because at that moment I would have realized that, "Sweet Jesus, I'm here, hugging_______ and I know that I look crazy, but I am one step closer to being in a better place and that is worth being put in a choker hold by_______'s people."

Those two people are Patti LaBelle and Al Green. Why? Because like Anita Baker they bring me joy. And these seem like the types that would give a hug and if you asked for a lil medley of their greatest hits they might do it. Or at least I like to think that.

Anyhoo, as you might have seen I'm a Patti kick and I'm making sure everyone is coming along for the ride.

Really, who doesn't love Patti LaBelle? If you don't already you will after watching her at this year's Rock and Rock Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. After you watch look up OWNS IT in the dictionary and you will see a picture of Miss Patti with her famous hot sauce.



Oh and if you get some time watch her interview from the press room. Who knew that 50's "In Da Club" was her jam and that she was working some 6 inch Versace pumps while KILLING it? Honey, apparently 63 is the new 25. Can I please, please, please have brunch with her and then go shopping in some big hats and big sunglasses? God, I don't ask for much...


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My People Know How to Own a Funeral

So I'm on the YouTube--looking for some Miss Patti (LaBelle that is)--and I found her giving a reading at Luther Vandross' funeral. This is furoche on so many levels. Here are a few of said levels:

1) The fact that NY1 ran this funeral as if the Pope had died is how you do TV in NYC. Cause you know Luther was IT
2) Patty comments on how fierce she looks at his funeral because Luther would have wanted that. True
3) At 5:03 she SANGS like only Patti can SANG

Lord, when my time please make me fabulous enough that Miss Patti can sing as my funeral. Cause this is how a proper blick needs to go out.



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Dionne Warwick: Sigh (Good Sigh)

Sometimes I get a blast from the past (okay, not really my past, more like my Mama's) and it's ovah. Right now, that blast is for some old school Dionne Warwick.

Seriously, have you recently taken the time to just listen to her during the Burt Bacharach years? If the answer is no, please take the time.

This week I was in an edit and my editor and I were waxing poetic about DWar and I realized, "Oh shit, I don't have any of her jams." I mean I have always enjoyed her classy collection but I have never had any vinyl/8 tracks/CD's in my hot lil hands.

So last night, after watching a few episodes of LA Ink (dang Pixie, you just tripped and Kim, I never thought you had it in you!) and dining on some su-shay, I went on the iTunes and downloaded her The Dionne Warwick Collection: Her All-Time Greatest Hits. Chile, they are the greatest.

I had not heard "Anyone Had a Heart" in AGES and I was like, WORK!!

Honestly, you listen to a little of that, some "Don't Make Me Over," "I'll Never Fall in Love Again," "Walk On By," and in no time you will rolling up to 15 years on the street screeching, "They don't make them like they use to! How can you listen to all this noise nowadays...this hippity hop?!" Then you will waddle away knowing that you have some Dionne Warwick on the iPod and all will be right with the world.

Whitney, you are so lucky she is your cousin. Oh, and good luck with your comeback gurl.

Alright, I'm going on a Patti LaBelle bender now.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Educated Black Folks

My friend TJ sent this to me. If you thought Stuff White People Like was funny you are about to fall out. Me though, I don't like Turkey bacon OR sausage. Just sayin'...